Cream Teas

Afternoon tea is such a typically 'English' pastime and the cream tea has to be the ultimate example of this. Whenever we have spare time we love to indulge in this cultural, calorie creating activity. Consequently we have started to take note of establishments that provide this gastronomic delight in a way pleasing to our desires. 

Of course what constitutes a great cream tea experience is to an extent a matter of personal taste, however certain features have become important to us :

  A warm scone (or two) preferably containing sultanas

  Thick cream ideally clotted

  Good quality jam (strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry)

  A decent cup of tea

  Pleasant setting to enjoy the experience within

This is where we intend to share our opinions and of course the thoughts of our friends.

We hope you find this interesting as it develops over time.


Devon Essex Tim Copsey enjoying a Cream Tea
Kent Middlesex
Norfolk Somerset
Surrey Suffolk
Sussex Wiltshire
More to follow