Four Wheel Fun

Land Rovers are British 4-wheel-drive cars with a strong focuson versatility and durability. I have two Land Rovers - a 1971and a 1988. I didn't plan to get two of them - when it came togetting the new one - I couldn't bring myself to sell the old'Landy'. 

Fording 1

The 1971 is a short-wheelbase 2.25 litre diesel soft-top. Iused it as my daily transport for 4 years (about 12000 miles peryear) - it's noisy, slow and it looks rather out of place in theoffice car-park. When the gearbox finally gave up I decided toinvest in a newer machine for daily usage and the plan was to fixthe old one and get it back on the road as a weekend fun-car. Ifinally achieved that this year with the help of the Southend-on-Sea Land Rover Club.

The 1988 is a short-wheelbase 2.5 litre turbo diesel stationwagon. By modern standards its still rather noisy anduneconomical but its a joy to drive - once you've tried this kindof vehicle it just doesn't feel right driving a normal car.


In 1996 my wife and I did a tour of England. We covered 1000miles over 10 days camping in the Peak district, the LakeDistrict, the North Yorkshire coast and Lincolnshire countryside.

Fording 2

In 1997 we took the old land rover off road into the byways of Essex. This is a very easy introduction to off-roading as there are no obstacles on these routes. The objective is to enjoy the countryside and travel these quiet un-mettalled roads at lowspeed. In 1998 we hope to try off-roading at an organised site to test our skills and the abilities of the vehicle in the rough-stuff.

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