Day 10 - Osmotherley to Clay Bank Top

Comment: 12 miles - several climbs and descents - look out forthe cafe in the side of the hill

We started the day trying to find the Coast-to-Coast path - aswe had arrived in Osmotherley by bus and were some way off theOrdnance Survey strip-maps.

In fact, with directions from the proprietor of the B&Bwhere we were staying, we found it soon enough, as it is a named-pathin this area: the Lyke Wake Walk - indicated by LWW on many ofthe footpath posts.

After walking about half-a-mile along this path, I wasfollowing our progress on the map, when we came across a sign foran abbey. Unfortunately, the road leading off was on the wrongside of the road to what I was expecting. Suddenly it clicked,and I realised we had been going the wrong way ! Although I hadused my compass when we found the path, I was not sure at whichpoint we had found it. Well, at least now we knew where we were,and soon after turning around we were crossing new ground.

There were fine views into the distance. This part of the walkis a welcome return to hilly-countryside, as it brings marvellousviews. This is eccentuated by the low ground to the left -seemingly completely flat all the way to the horizon.





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